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We’re Not Another Power Divider Store

We know that we aren’t your only source for the power divider that you need, but we’re working hard to be the best option out there. P1DB isn’t a run-of-the-mill RF and Microwave parts supplier. We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation as a reliable, fairly priced supplier in the online market with items that read more »

P1dB Announces 2 to 4 GHz Octave Band, SMA Couplers

P1dB announces its newest octave band, SMA Directional Coupler series operating from 2 to 4 GHz. The SMA RF couplers, series P1CP-SAF-0204G, are available in 10dB, 20dB and 30dB coupling values and will handle up to 50 Watts. The SMA couplers have a minimum directivity of 22 dB and a VSWR specification of 1.15:1. A read more »

We Make It Easy to Find Your 4-Way Power Divider

Not every 4-way power divider is created equal, and we know that finding the right one is vital to your project. That’s why the P1DB team set up an online store that allows you to search for the specific item you need without taking up too much of your time. Check out these search options: read more »

P1dB Announces a 1 to 18 GHz SMA 2-Way Power Divider

P1dB, an RF and Microwave component supplier, releases a new ultra-broadband 2-way SMA power divider operating from 1 to 18 GHz.  The P1PD-SAF-0118G30W-2 SMA power divider is a Wilkinson RF splitter that is capable of handling 30 watts of RF power. The RF power divider is in stock and is available at P1dB. About P1dB read more »

Find the 2-Way Power Divider You Need in Our Online Store

Finding the right frequency range for your 2-way power divider is key to the success of your project. That’s why P1DB offers a range of 2-way power dividers in a variety of frequency ranges. Check out our online store and see 2-way power dividers from a minimum of 500 Mhz all the way up to read more »

P1dB Announces Broadband, 0.5 to 18 GHz SMA Couplers

P1dB, an RF and Microwave component supplier, announces in-stock availability of a series of broadband RF couplers that operate from 0.5 to 18 GHz. The SMA Directional couplers, series number P1CP-SAF-R518G30W, come in 10dB, 20dB and 30dB values as standard items, but other values are available upon request. The Directional couplers are designed to handle read more »

An N Power Divider Isn’t All That We Do

P1DB is proud to bring you many hard-to-find N power dividers in our online store. We know that there are plenty of places you can shop online that bring you the common, run-of-the-mill N power divider. That’s not what we do. We focus on bringing you hard to find items that might not be available read more »

Find Your 2-Way and 4-Way SMA Power Divider in Our Online Store

Looking for an SMA power divider? Our online store has over a dozen options that are perfect for your needs. You’ll find both 2-way and 4-way SMA power dividers in our online store in a range of frequencies. If you just need a few of our SMA power dividers, both our 2-way and 4-way dividers read more »

P1dB Announces 65 GHz 1.85mm Attenuators

P1dB, an RF and Microwave component supplier, announces immediate availability of 1.85mm, 65 GHz attenuators, designed to handle 1 Watt of continuous RF power.  The 1.85mm attenuators are available in 3dB, 6dB, 10dB, 20dB and 30dB attenuation values.  A common value for 1.85mm attenuators is a 6dB, part number is P1AT-18MF-65G1W-6.  All attenuator values can read more »

Get a Custom Quote on the RF Power Divider You Need

We know that sometimes you need a unique part for your job. So while we work hard to provide a great selection so you can find the RF power divider that you need in our online store, we know we can’t carry everything. That’s why we offer free custom quotes through our website! Now you read more »