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Semi-Rigid Coax Selector Guide

P1dB semi-rigid coax is used to build semi-rigid assemblies for test equipment, aerospace, wireless, medical and low PIM applications.  The advantage of semi-rigid coax over flexible coax is its increased phase stability and lower insertion loss.  Semi-rigid coax also provides the best electrical isolation and lower noise levels when compared to flexible coax. Another advantage of semi-rigid coax is that it can read more »

Low Loss, Microporous 190MP RF Cable Assemblies operate to 27 GHz.

190MP Cable Features: •Operation to 27 GHz • Microporous dielectric for lower insertion loss • Triple shielded for high isolation • 2.92mm, SMA, N and TNC connectors P1dB’s adds a new line of 190MP low loss cable assemblies that operate to 27 GHz to complement its 40 GHz, 160MP cables.  The 190MP high-performance flex cables are read more »