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In-Stock, 27 GHz SMA Field Replaceable Connectors

We have stock of our 27 GHz Field Replaceable SMA connectors, in both 2-Hole and 4-Hole flange designs. Our in-stock Field-Replaceable SMA’s are available with or without EMI gaskets and in pin diameters of .012, .015 and .018 inches. Smaller flange designs are also available with a typical delivery of 2 to 4 weeks.

2-Hole and 4-Hole Versions
P1dB Field Replaceable 2-Hole and 4-Hole SMA connectors have a VSWR of 1.22 to 27 GHz and are priced below 18 GHz equivalents.  They are constructed using passivated-stainless-steel bodies and  Beryllium-Copper contacts. Our field replaceable connectors complement our line of SMA connectors, which include solutions for the most popular RG-series cables, panel mount, and PCB mount applications.

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For immediate delivery of our in-stock Field Replaceable SMA connectors, order from P1dB’s website or from our franchised distributor, RFMW.  For questions and support, call us at 1.888.209.5513 or email us at

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