Phase matched cables from P1dB

Phase matched cable assemblies


P1dB has phase matched flex cables available from DC to 50 GHz. Whether you need a pair of cables or a much larger quantity matched set, P1dB has solutions. P1dB has SMA cables matched up to 27 GHz, SMP, SMPM and 2.92mm up to 40 GHz and DC to 50 GHz using 2.4mm connectors.

Most requirements are custom, but P1dB does have phase matched cable pairs with common length and specs, in stock in San Jose.

 2.92mm male matched 1 meter cable pair DC to 40 GHz


Many P1dB matched cable solutions DC to 40 GHz can be delivered within 4 weeks.

Typical information required for cable matching is the frequency range, whether the cables are to be matched at a specific frequency or over a broad range, and what delay (ps) or degrees match is needed. P1dB has standard solutions for phase match +/- 5 ps to as tight as +/-1 ps.

Matched cables selection on P1dB website

See the Phase Matched Cable section in P1dB’s website for an idea of standard lengths, frequencies, and cable types. Send your custom design requirements to for a quote.

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