P1dB delivers Phase Matched flexible cables to your specifications

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P1dB has delivered 100's of phase matched cables to our RF customers. From quantity 2 up to sets of 70+ cables, P1dB has phase matched cables to 5 ps, 2 ps or even 1 ps in some cases.

From frequencies starting at several GHz up to 50GHz, P1dB produces flexible phase matched cable solutions.

If the frequency is 27 GHz or less, P1dB's SS141 cable is a very popular choice for phase matched cable sets. Our SS141 cable is 0.163 inch diameter with a double shield for excellent RF shielding.

Smaller geometry connectors such as SMP and SMPM can be supplied as phase matched assemblies using P1dB's SS085 flex. The SS085 cable is 0.104 inch double shield flexible coax with excellent amplitude and phase stability.

For applications requiring very high frequency, P1dB has cable and connector options to phase match up to 50 GHz. Using 2.92mm connectors for frequencies up to 40 GHz or 2.4mm connectors for performance to 50 GHz, P1dB has high performance low loss flexible cable solutions.

For a phase matched cable assembly quote, contact P1dB at sales@ p1db.com.
Describe the cable set that must be phase matched: # of cables, connector type, maximum frequency and match frequency, phase match desired (i.e. 5 ps or 5 degrees, etc ).












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