P1dB stocks 2.92mm & 2.4mm adapters and components

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2.92mm and 2.4mm adapters from P1dB stock

P1dB has popular high frequency connector adapters in stock. Our 2.92mm to 2.4mm between series adapters will operate to a maximum frequency of 40 GHz.

For frequencies up to 27 GHz, the 3.5mm interface is popular for test benches. P1dB has 3.5mm to SMA adapters operating to 27 GHz with a max VSWR of 1.20.

2.4mm male to 2.92 mm female adapter

3.5mm to SMA Adapter

P1dB's high frequency terminations include 2.4mm, 2.92mm and 1.8mm options.

Attenuators with 2.92mm, 2.4mm or 1.8mm interface are available from stock.

2.4mm 20 Watt attenuator

Visit P1dB www.p1db.com for cables, connectors, adapters and components. Whether you need a low frequency RG316 cable with MMCX connectors or a high performance 50 GHz assembly with 2.4mm connectors, P1dB has the entire spectrum covered.
















Cable Assemblies

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