Reliable Test Cables at a Cost Effective Price

Test Cables are a vital part of an RF test lab, but high-end Test Cables can cost in excess of $1000. Why buy a high-end Test Cable for standard RF test or production systems when increased phase or temperature stability is not needed. P1dB offers a line of proven SS141 RF test focused flex cables that start under $100 and operate to 18 GHz.

General Purpose SS141 RF Test Cables

SS141 Test Cables

P1dB SS141 Test Cables have been designed to meet test requirements of most RF systems. Our SS141 flex cables provide a high level of amplitude stability and durability for production test applications to 18 GHz. SS141 RF Test Cables are available with stainless steel SMA, N and TNC connectors as standard options, but other connectors are available upon request. These Test Cables utilize a robust booting for increased life under flexure, which translates into consistent performance when compared to ordinary cable assemblies.


Operating Frequency: DC to 18 GHz
VSWR (Typical):            1.22:1
Isolation:                       >100 dBc
Flex Coax Type:            SS141
Connector Options:    SMA Male, SMA Male Right Angle, SMA Female, N Male,
N Male Right Angle, TNC Male

Review our existing SS141 Test Cable offering buy clicking on the Buy button below. You may also compare our SS141 flex cable to other high performance cable types in our High-Performance Coax Comparison chart.

Buy SS141 RF Test Cables

For a list of standard SS141 test cables visit P1dB’s website or our franchised distributor, RFMW .  You may also email us at or call us at +1 (888) 209-5513 to discuss your requirements.

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