Low Loss Cable Assemblies to 40 GHz

P1dB’s new line of 160MP high-performance flex cables operate up to 40 GHz when equiped with 2.92mm  connectors and 27 GHz with SMA connectors.  The 160MP high performance flex cables are cost effective assemblies that offer low-loss performance and phase stability found in assemblies twice the price.   With prices starting at $76.50 for an SMA jumper and $98.90 with 2.92mm jumper, the 160MP series of low-loss flex cables are good solutions for test labs, rack systems or black-box builds.  The 160MP specs are as follows,

P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP nbk 2

160MP Cable Specifications
Parameter Frequency Range Value
Connectors DC to 40 GHz 2.92mm
DC to 27 GHz SMA
Impedance DC to 40 GHz 50 Ohms
Max VSWR DC to 12.4 GHz 1.15:1
12.4 to 18 GHz 1.20:1
18 to 40 GHz 1.25:1
Insertion Loss 0.5 GHz 0.14 dB
(dB / foot) 2.0 GHz 0.18 dB
12.0 GHz 0.38 GHz
18 GHz 0.49 dB
27 GHz 0.65 dB
40 GHz 0.90 dB
Velocity of Propagation DC to 40 GHz 78%
Shielding Effectiveness DC to 40 GHz >90 dB
Number of Shields 3
Jacket Diameter 0.160 inches
Minimum Bend Radius 0.81 inches
Operating Temperature -85° to +200° C

The 160MP coax is constructed using a microporous dielectric with a velocity of propagation of 78% for lower loss performance.  The center conductor has a copper base metal for greater coax flexibility and it is silver plated for higher conductivity / lower loss.  P1dB’s 160MP is triple shielded, which greater isolation.  The 160MP is then covered with a PTFE jacket, which allows the cable assembly to operate from -85º to +200° C.

TMS SilverLine TT Cable Illustration with labels

The cable assemblies are available in the following lengths

Length  SMA to SMA                2.92mm to 2.92mm
(in)     (27 GHz)                      (40 GHz)
 6   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-6         P1CA-29M29M-160MP-6
12   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-12        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-12
18   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-18        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-18
24   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-24        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-24
30   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-30        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-30
36   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-36        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-36
42   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-42        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-42
48   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-48        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-48
60   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-60        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-60
72   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-72        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-72
84   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-84        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-84
96   P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-96        P1CA-29M29M-160MP-96
108  P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-108       P1CA-29M29M-160MP-108
120  P1CA-SAMSAM-160MP-120       P1CA-29M29M-160MP-120

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