P1dB Offers 4 Different Cable Assembly Groups

P1dB knows that not all cable assemblies are alike and our customers need options to ensure they are getting the assemblies that they need for their project. That’s why we offer 4 different cable assembly groups so you can get exactly what you need. Here are the four groups that we offer:

  • RG cables. These cables operate up to 6 Ghz and are ideal for many laboratory applications. These cables are assembled using crimp connectors.
  • Semi-rigid and conformable cables. If you need to route a cable inside a box, this is the one you want. Conformable cables live up to their name and can be shaped and reshaped while your semi-rigid cables can only be shaped once.
  • Low loss cables. These cables reduce insertion loss and are similar to our RG cables, but have a higher velocity of propagation. Great for telecommunications projects.
  • Test cables. These cables have durable connectors to extend the life of the cable, making them a more cost-effective solution. Available up to 65 Ghz.

We have hundreds of cable assemblies available on our website, but you can also make a special request if you need something that you don’t see in our online store. We’re happy to work with you to make sure that you can get the cable assembly that you need for your next project. Simply give us a call at 888-209-5513 and ask for a custom quote. Our team will get to work on creating the cables that you need in a timely manner so you can complete your RF or microwave project. Work with P1dB today!

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