SS141 and SS085 flexible cable assemblies in stock with SMA, N, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, SMP or SMPM connectors.

P1dB stocks SS141 and SS085 general purpose test cables that offer high performance at a very affordable price.

SS141 assemblies have a cable outer diameter of 0.160 inches and operate up to 27 GHz with our SMA connector options or up to 18 GHz with P1dB’s precision N connector. Featuring stainless steel connectors and ruggedized cable boots, these cables maintain phase and amplitude stability in a manufacturing test environment where cables are frequently mated / un-mated.

SS085 assemblies have an outer diameter of 0.104 inches and can operate up to 50 GHz with 2.4mm connectors, to 40 GHz with 2.92mm connectors and to 27 GHz with SMA or SMP connectors. With a minimum bend radius of 0.25 inch, these cables have maximum flexibility with a triple shield construction.

The velocity of propagation is 80% and RF shielding is greater than 100 dB.

P1dB's SS141 cable assemblies

SS141 Test Cables

P1dB’s SS141 cable assemblies provide a high level of phase stability when flexed, 4 degrees maximum up to 18 GHz. Minimum bend radius is 0.8 inch and typical cable insertion loss is under 0.9 dB per foot up to 27 GHz. SS141 assemblies have extra booting for increased reliability when flexed repeatedly, which translates into consistent performance. P1dB stocks popular length SMA male to SMA male options, with our 24-inch cables priced under $50. each in quantity 10 pcs or more.

Operating Frequency: DC to 27 GHz
VSWR (Typical): 1.25:1
Isolation: >100 dBc
Connector Options: SMA Male to 27 GHz, SMA Male Right Angle or N Male to 18 GHz

SS085 assemblies

If you need a specific length or connector options not listed, please contact P1dB at sales@ for a quote or more product details.

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