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SS141 and SS085 flex cable assemblies in stock at P1dB

SS141 and SS085 flexible cable assemblies in stock with SMA, N, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, SMP or  SMPM connectors.     P1dB stocks SS141 and SS085 general purpose test cables that offer high performance at a very affordable price.     SS141 assemblies have a cable outer diameter of 0.160 inches and operate up to 27 GHz with read more »

P1dB’s RF cable assemblies that bend at the connector

P1dB’s Tight-Flex™ cables bend at the connector   P1dB’s Tight-Flex flexible RF cables are available with SMA, SMP, SMPM or 2.92mm connectors. P1dB’s triple-shield 0.104-inch cable will operate to 40GHz with 2.92mm connectors. Bend this cable just 0.2 inches (5mm) distance from the connector and make it fit into the tightest spaces. P1dB’s Tight-Flex cables bend at the connector. The read more »

P1dB stocks SMA field replaceable flange mount connectors up to 27GHz

P1dB stocks high-performance stainless steel field replaceable SMA connectors that operate to 27 GHz. P1dB’s SMA Field Replaceable connectors are available in 2-Hole and 4-Hole flange designs, with or without EMI gaskets. Models available that mate with pin diameters of .012, .015 or .018 inches. P1dB has many more SMA connector options, including models for the most popular RG-series cables, panel or read more »

Learn More About P1dB’s 0.5 GHz Amplifier Module

When you need to boost your RF signal, you can count on P1dB to have the RF components that you need. One of our most popular signal boosting components is our MHW6342T amplifier. This amplifier will give you a gain of 35 dB, boosting your signal so you have better RF reception over longer distances. read more »

Amplifier Gain Blocks and Modules Available from P1dB

P1dB is proud to bring a great selection of amplifier gain blocks and modules to our online store. Our gain blocks come with minimum frequencies of 0 to 0.1 Ghz, and a maximum frequency of 14 or 15 GHz. You’ll find various noise figures, supply voltages, and quiescent currents all in a ceramic micro X read more »