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Out with the Old and in with the New… Adapters

RF Adapters are NOT components that will last forever, especially in labs that constantly use coax adapters for product testing. Depending upon the types of adapters your lab purchases, they may be good for only a few uses or several hundred uses. Ensure accurate measurements! Take advantage of our New Year adapter sale to replace read more »

Commercial Grade RF Coax Adapters

P1dB’s commercial grade RF adapters solve the cost vs. performance trade-offs when choosing an adapter for a low-frequency application or a production requirements.  P1dB RF adapters have been designed to offer a cost-effective solution, yet still offering performance for commercial applications.  P1dB commercial RF adapters operate up to 6 GHz  and are available in in-series and between-series read more »

View Our Between Series RF Adapter Features

If you need to connect two different RF interfaces, the between series adapter is going to be the part that you need. These adapters allow you to connect the interfaces while keeping the RF signal strong. Finding the right RF coaxial adapter is key, though. Without the right adapter, your project could be put on read more »

We Carry Both Between Series and In-Series Coaxial Adapters

What kind of RF coaxial adapter are you looking for? Whatever it is, P1dB’s online store is sure to have it. We’ve built a selection of between series and in-series adapters that will allow you to make the connections you need without sacrificing the quality of your signal. Check out our connection options  for both read more »