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Semi Rigid RF Coaxial Cable from P1dB

P1dB offers a wide selection of RF semi-rigid cable. Bulk semi-rigid cable is stocked in P1dB’s San Jose, CA facility and ships in 1-meter lengths. Diameters range from 0.031 up to 0.250 inches. Impedance options include the most common 50 Ohm version, as well as 10, 17, 25, 75 or 93 Ohms. The most popular read more »

Hand Formable Cable Assemblies at a great price: P1dB cables exclusively offered by RFMW

P1dB and RFMW offer conformable cable assemblies with SMA Male connectors, in 0.141 or .085 inch diameter, in stock at a very attractive price. Choose a length up to 12 inch and contact P1dB’s partner RFMW for an exclusive $9.95 price. The jacketed versions are P1-SMAP/SMAP-141CJ-xx or P1-SMAP/SMAP-085CJ-xx. For the same assemblies without jacket, choose P1-SMAP/SMAP-141CC-xx or P1-SMAP/SMAP-085CC-xx, where “-xx” refers to read more »

SMP and SMPM Flexible RF Cable Assemblies

Does your RF system require high-performance SMP or SMPM (also called SSMP or Mini-SMP) RF cables? P1dB builds a line of RF cables using flexible SS085, high-performance coax, that has similar performance to 085 semi-rigid. The SS085 RF cables are available with SMA Male or Female, SMP (GPO™) or SMPM (GPPO™) straight or right angle read more »

SMA to U.FL Ultra Miniature Cable Assemblies

P1dB offers ultra-miniature cable assemblies with SMA to U.FL style connectors. Also referred to as UFP, MHF or UMC style connectors, these miniature right angle connectors are typically mated to a U.FL connector mounted on a printed circuit board. The SMA connector (usually female) is  mated to an extermal antenna.  With frequency performance to 6GHz, these read more »

Micro-Miniature Low Loss and Standard RF Cables

P1dB offers a UFP ultra-miniature coax jumper series that is fully compatible with Hirose’s U.FL™ and IPEX’s MHF™ series. Our UFP jumpers are available in a variety of coax cable options, which include 0.081mm, 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm, 047CC, and RG178. The UFP series can be configured with a variety of connector options, such as SMA, read more »

160MP Series Cables When Waveguide Will Not Work

It is not always practical to use waveguide in millimeter-wave applications. P1dB’s 160MP series of high performance flex cables, configured with 2.92mm connectors, offer a flexible solution to 40 GHz. 160MP RF cables have low insertion loss and phase stable performance for applications that experience some flexure, such as in an antenna chamber. The 160MP read more »

P1dB Announces SMA Terminations to 26 GHz

P1dB announces a line of SMA Terminations that operate to 6 GHz, 18 GHz and 26 GHz. The RF Loads are SMA Male, stainless steel body designs that can handle up to 2 Watts of CW power. The most common termination is the P1TR-SAM-18G2W SMA Male, 18 GHz Termination, with other connector types available on read more »

P1dB Announces 2 to 4 GHz Octave Band, SMA Couplers

P1dB announces its newest octave band, SMA Directional Coupler series operating from 2 to 4 GHz. The SMA RF couplers, series P1CP-SAF-0204G, are available in 10dB, 20dB and 30dB coupling values and will handle up to 50 Watts. The SMA couplers have a minimum directivity of 22 dB and a VSWR specification of 1.15:1. A read more »

P1dB Announces a 1 to 18 GHz SMA 2-Way Power Divider

P1dB, an RF and Microwave component supplier, releases a new ultra-broadband 2-way SMA power divider operating from 1 to 18 GHz.  The P1PD-SAF-0118G30W-2 SMA power divider is a Wilkinson RF splitter that is capable of handling 30 watts of RF power. The RF power divider is in stock and is available at P1dB. About P1dB read more »

P1dB Announces Broadband, 0.5 to 18 GHz SMA Couplers

P1dB, an RF and Microwave component supplier, announces in-stock availability of a series of broadband RF couplers that operate from 0.5 to 18 GHz. The SMA Directional couplers, series number P1CP-SAF-R518G30W, come in 10dB, 20dB and 30dB values as standard items, but other values are available upon request. The Directional couplers are designed to handle read more »