We Have 20 dB Directional Couplers In Stock & Ready to Ship

P1dB is known as a trusted supplier of RF couplers. We have an incredible selection of couplers that will cover a variety of RF and microwave project needs, from the laboratory to practical applications and testing facilities. One example of the great couplers available in our online store is the P1CP-SAF-1218G50W-2. This 20 dB coupler operates from 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz in an SMA connectorized package. The directional coupler operates up to 50 Watts and has an insertion loss of 0.5 dB and an isolation of 15 dB.

This coupler is part of our growing line of octave band couplers and broadband couplers. Many users love these couplers not only for their versatility, but for the durability of their aluminum casing. You’ll be able to use this coupler in a variety of settings and never need to worry about it being too delicate to handle the elements and tough conditions where you need it to work. All of P1dB’s RF components are made to be tough and durable and stand up to the conditions where you need them to work their hardest.

You can purchase this coupler along with any of the other components available from P1dB through our website. These couplers are currently in stock, though it you wish to take advantage of our price breaks (starting at just 25 couplers) you’ll want to give us a call for a delivery date estimate. P1dB handles coupler special requests, too, so if you don’t see the coupler that you need in our online store you can give us a call and get an estimate on the coupler that you need.

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