BNC Cable Assemblies

The BNC connector has been available to RF Engineers since it’s invention in 1945. It’s a low frequency, quick connect/disconnect RF connector. Today, the BNC connector is still in demand for RF test and manufacturing. P1dB stocks popular cable lengths and connector options using 50 ohm RF flexible cables.

P1dB offers flexible cable assemblies with BNC connectors that engineers can use to connect test equipment to RF hardware. The typical configuration is for a BNC Male cable connector mating to a BNC Female test panel.

P1dB offers the popular RG316 flexible cable with BNC-BNC or BNC-SMA connector combinations. If you prefer hand formable cables, P1dB has .085 diameter conformable assemblies with BNC to BNC or BNC to SMA combinations.

Cable Assemblies from P1dB

Many applications require an SMA connection for mating with a Circuit Card or Chassis. P1dB has options for RG316 or .085 Conformable Cable with SMA Male to BNC Male connections.

P1dB also can make a unique length or provide a variety of other connectors to complete your custom BNC assembly with MMCX, SMA Female, SMA Right Angle, Type N or SMB connectors.

Contact us and describe what you require. We can typically deliver a custom assembly within 30 days.

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