Low Cost Hand Formable RF cables from P1dB

P1dB stocks a wide selection of RF hand formable (conformable) cable assemblies. Cable options include 141CJ, 141CC, 085CJ or 085CC formable cable. The 141CC and 085CC cables are unjacketed tin braid assemblies, either 0.141 or 0.085-inch diameter. The 141CJ and 085CJ cables have an FEP jacket as the outer material and outer diameter is 0.168 for the 141CJ or 0.102 inches for the 085CJ.

P1dB’s SMA connector options include male (plug), female (jack), female bulkhead or male right angle. Other common connectors include N plug or jack, BNC plug, SMP straight, SMP right angle, MCX, and MMCX right angle.

Depending on the connectors installed, P1dB’s hand-formable assemblies can operate up to 26.5 GHz.

P1dB has a “Low-Cost Hand Formable” section listed on the website for all our SMA formable assemblies that sell for less than $20. each. Most common length assemblies from 3 up to 24 inches are in stock in San Jose CA.

P1dB's Low Cost Hand Formable Cables

Longer length hand formable SMA cables and formable assemblies with N, BNC, MCX, MMCXP, and SMP are listed in P1dB’s “Hand Formable Cable Assemblies” section of the website. If your project requires a different length, connector or geometry that is not listed, contact P1dB at sales@p1db.com for a quote. Most new builds can be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks.

If you’re looking for flexible RF assemblies, P1dB has flex cable assemblies we refer to as Ultra-miniature (1 mm diameter), RG-316 (0.098 inches), SS085 (0.104 inches) or SS141 (0.163 inches).


Hand Formable Cable Assemblies

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