P1dB offers a variety of 40 GHz cable assemblies with 2.92mm connectors



P1dB has flexible cable assemblies that operate to 40 GHz. Choose the P1CA-29M29M-160MP series for a low loss, phase stable assembly that is 0.160 inch diameter. Designed with 2.92mm male connectors, these assemblies have a maximum VSWR of 1.35 up to 40GHz.The 160MP series is manufactured with a microporous dielectric for lower insertion loss. Assemblies are triple shielded for increased RF shielding.


For maximum flexibility and tightest bend radio, P1dB has the P1CA-29M29M-ST085- series. The ST085 cables allow “bend at the connector” flexibility in a 0.104 inch diameter, triple shielded assembly with 2.92mm male connectors. Popular lengths are now in stock.

Hand formable cables with 2.92mm connectors are also an option. P1dB has .085 inch diameter formable cable assemblies in stock: P1CA-29M29M-085CJ series.


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