P1dB stocks flexible SMP & SMPM cables

P1dB has flexible RF cables with SMP or SMPM connectors in stock. Cable choices include flexible SS085 coax, .085 hand formable or P1dB’s Tightflex ST085 cable (bend at the connector). These performance RF cables are configurable with SMA Male or Female, SMP (GPO™) or SMPM (GPPO™)  connectors.  Popular lengths in all 3 cable types are in stock and can be sampled for evaluation. Contact sales @p1db.com describing your connector options and length.

P1dB’s SS085 cable offers excellent flexibility, RF shielding greater than 100 dBc and low attenuation. P1dB stocks SMA, SMP & SMPM assemblies in common lengths (6, 12, 18 and 24 inch). Typical lead time for a new build assembly is 6 weeks.

Frequency Range: 18 GHz
Connector Options: SMA Male, SMA Female, SMP Female or SMPM Female straight and right angle
Cable Types: SS085 High Performance coax, 085CJ (hand formable jacketed), ST085 TightFlex (bend at the connector).
Coax Diameter: .103 inches

SMP & SMPM cable assemblies

SMA female to SMPM right angle flex assembly, 12 inch, in stock

Contact P1dB for quotes, samples and product detail: sales@p1db.com

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