P1dB’s RF Pigtail cables

P1dB’s Pigtail cable assemblies, also called Test Probes, are an excellent tool for RF in-circuit test. Test a circuit by soldering a small diameter coax cable (RF pigtail) onto a PCB as a test probe and inject an input signal or sample an output signal. Once tested, the soldered RF Pigtail test probe is easily unsoldered from the PCB.

P1dB offers RF pigtail cables in coax diameters as small as .020 inches, with a center conductor diameter is .004 inches. This means that even a 0201 RF pad can be used as a test point by using a P1dB RF pigtail cable as a test probe.

Cable diameter choices are .020, .034, .047 or .085 inch. All P1dB standard Pigtails are supplied with a square cut cable end. If your application requires a trimmed cable end, please specify the desired dielectric and center conductor trim dimensions and contact P1dB at sales@p1db.com. A trimmed Pigtail assembly made to your dimensions can typically be built and shipped within 30 days.

P1dB Pigtail cables

P1dB’s most popular RF Pigtail cables are SMA female Pigtails using either .034 inch or .047 inch semi-rigid coax diameters. Common lengths are 2, 4 and 6 inches, available from stock at P1dB’s San Jose CA facility. Contact P1dB at sales@p1db.com to describe a specific length or cable trim details.

P1dB's 4 inch .047 semi-rigid Pigtail

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