P1dB’s Tight-Flex™ Cables allow bends at the connector

P1dB’s Tight-Flex super flexible cables are available with SMA, SMP, SMPM or 2.92mm connectors. P1dB’s triple shield 0.104-inch cable will operate to 40GHz with 2.92mm connectors. Bend this cable just 0.2 inches (5mm) distance from the connector and make it fit into the tightest spaces.

Tight-Flex™  jumpers allow tight cable bends very close to the connector. These cables are designed for phase stability during bending. The Tight-Flex™cable/connector interface allows tight bending in areas that would normally require a right angle connector. P1dB’s Tight-Flex™  cable is the 0.104-inch diameter, triple shielded coax. Super flexible cable assemblies with a bending radius of 0.2 inches (5mm). Excellent phase and loss stability over the temperature range -55 to +125 C.

P1dB stocks popular length SMA male to SMA male Tight-Flex™ assemblies.
The P1CA-STMSTM-ST085-8 will take you directly to P1dB’s website for SMA male to SMA male 8-inch assemblies now in stock. If you don’t find the connector or length option you need in the P1dB website Tight-Flex™ cable assembly section, contact P1dB: sales @p1dB.com.


P1dB can build a Tight-Flex™ cable with SMA, SMP, SMPM or 2.92mm connectors in lengths to meet your requirements. Use the link below to visit the Tight-Flex™ section on P1dB’s website or contact P1dB’s distributor RFMW Ltd.

P1dB TightFlex Cable Assemblies

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