Testing RF Circuits with Pigtails and ultra miniature semi-rigid cable assemblies.

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In Circuit RF Probing

A good method for probing an RF circuit is to use small diameter semi-rigid cables, commonly referred to as Pigtails, to inject an input signal or sample an output signal. The typical configuration is with an SMA female connector on one end and a straight cut semi-rigid cable on the opposite end. P1dB can also produce trimmed ends to expose the specific length of the dielectric and center conductor.

P1dB Pigtails

P1dB has Pigtail diameters starting at .020 inches with a center conductor diameter of .004, suitable for probing a miniature 0201 RF pad.Popular Pigtail diameters include .020, .034 and .047. Most P1dB Pigtails are semi-rigid, but conformable coax cable options are also available from P1dB.

For customer’s that require small diameter semi-rigid assemblies with connectors on both ends, P1dB stocks popular length SMA to SMA assemblies using either .034 or .047 diameter semi-rigid. Custom lengths and connector options are available, usually within 30 days.

SMA to SMA .034 Assemblies

For immediate delivery of P1dB’s in-stock Pigtails or ultra small diameter semi-rigid assemblies, order from www.p1db.com or contact P1dB’s distribution partner RFMW. For questions and support, call us
at 1.888.209.5513 or email us at sales@p1dB.com


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