Our 18 GHz SMA 2-Way Power Divider Is Ready to Ship Now

Looking for a reliable 2-way power divider? Check out the P1PD-SAF-0118G30W-2. This is one of the many power dividers available in our online store and it is a great example of the durable, reliable, and high-quality power splitters we have available. Once you’ve purchased a power divider from P1dB, you’ll understand why more and more RF and microwave engineers enjoy working with our components on their projects.

This power divider operates from 1 to 18 GHz and has female SMA input and output connections for easy installation into your project. The Wilkinson power divider is inside an aluminum casing that protects the inner components from damage, keeping them safe from the elements or from other disturbances. The power divider handles 30 Watts and has an isolation of 15 dB with an insertion loss of 1 dB. This is a great 2 way Wilkinson power divider that gives you peace of mind thanks to its reliability.

We currently have this power splitter in stock and ready to ship to you. We offer prices breaks on this power splitter when you order 25 or more, saving you almost $20 per unit. If you want to take advantage of these price breaks, give us a call and talk to one of our customer service team members. They’ll be able to help you place your order and give you a delivery date estimate so you know when to expect your shipment of power dividers. Place an order for the RF components that you need from P1dB today!

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