Why High Isolation Matters in Four Way Power Dividers

When you are shopping for four-way power dividers, you’ll want to make sure you purchase one with a high isolation. Isolation ensures that when you are splitting the signal from one input into multiple outputs, none of the outgoing signals and leaking through each other. For instance, in a 4-way power divider, you won’t want any of the signals from line 2 leaking out of line 3. Isolated ports also eliminate the issue of impedance mismatches between the ports. The higher the isolation, the fewer problems you are going to have.

The power dividers built by P1dB offer high isolation levels for superior performance. All of our four-way power dividers have an isolation of 18 dB or higher while our P1PD-SAF-0206G30W-4 model has an isolation of 25 dB and the P1PD-NF-0208G30W-4 and P1PD-NF-0204G30W-4 have an isolation of 20 dB. This means that in a variety of applications, the end user should experience a great performance from a P1dB power divider. We have five different four-way power divider models in stock so you can find the configuration that you need and we’ll get it shipped right away.

P1dB has become a trusted RF and microwave components manufacturer and distributor online. Our parts are designed and created by people who understand what you need in your power dividers, attenuators, couplers and order devices because we’ve used them ourselves in real-world applications. Place an order with our team either through our website or by giving us a call and getting a custom quote on the pieces you need today.

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