Don’t be Shocked!

Don’t be Shocked! Protect Your Equipment


P1dB announces its new line of broadband lightning protectors that are in-stock and ready to protect equipment against damage caused by a lightning strike. We offer surge protectors in both DC passing and DC blocking models that operate from 300 MHz to 6 GHz, depending on the design.

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Surge Protector Designs
P1dB has 5 models to choose from. Our DC-Passing surge protectors can pass a bias of up to 6.5 Volts, 4 Amps of DC current and up to 300 Watts of RF power, while our DC-Blocking surge protectors will handle up to 750 Watts of RF power. Both surge protector families will meet SCADA, ATC, GSM-R, 4G/LTE and Two-Way Radio requirements.  All models can be mounted on a bulkhead and will handle outdoor installations.

P1dB offers standard designs that meet many applications, but we can also customize a surge protector for your specific application. For more information visit P1dB’s website or our franchised distributor, RFMW.  For questions and support, call us at 1.888.209.5513 or email us at

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