160MP Series Cables When Waveguide Will Not Work

It is not always practical to use waveguide in millimeter-wave applications. P1dB’s 160MP series of high performance flex cables, configured with 2.92mm connectors, offer a flexible solution to 40 GHz. 160MP RF cables have low insertion loss and phase stable performance for applications that experience some flexure, such as in an antenna chamber.

The 160MP flex cables are built using a microporous dielectric with a higher velocity of propagation, which translates into lower insertion loss. Their design is further enhanced by using triple shielding for increased isolation and RF stability to 40 GHz. The flex cable is then covered with a PTFE jacket to provide an extra level of durability for installations that may experience some abrasion.

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For more information on 160MP coax and to compare it to our other high performance flex cables, see our Product Info page on P1dB High-Performance Cables.

High-Performance 160MP RF Cables

Operating Frequency:      DC to 40 GHz
 Max VSWR (40 GHz):       1.3:1
Cable Ins. Loss (40 GHz): 0.91 dB / ft.
Velocity of Propagation:   78%
Connector Options:           2.92mm, SMA
160MP Coax Diameter:      0.160 inches
Minimum Bend Radius:     0.81 inch

The 160MP cable series is a clear choice for applications where both price and performance matter. Both the SMA and 2.92mm versions have a typical delivery of 2 to 4 weeks.

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