SMA to U.FL Ultra Miniature Cable Assemblies

P1dB offers ultra-miniature cable assemblies with SMA to U.FL style connectors. Also referred to as UFP, MHF or UMC style connectors, these miniature right angle connectors are typically mated to a U.FL connector mounted on a printed circuit board. The SMA connector (usually female) is  mated to an extermal antenna.  With frequency performance to 6GHz, these ultra miniature assemblies are popular with WiFi and other wireless solutions where small footprint PCB connections are important.

Cable diameter choices from P1dB  include 0.81 mm, 1.13 mm, 1.32 mm and 1.37 mm flexible coax. The most common design is SMA bulkhead female to UFL. Additional connector options include SMA female reverse polarity, MMCX, and SMA male.

To improve RF performance, P1dB has RG178 and .047 inch tinned braid conformable cable for customers that need better shielding.  P1dB’s 047CC conformable coax, with 100% shielding, can improve system Signal-to-Noise ratio.

Coax Comparison           047CC      1.13mm
Coax diameter                  1.19mm     1.13mm
Insertion Loss at 5 GHz    .89 dB/ft    1.54 dB/ft
Shield Coverage                  100%         90%

P1dB Ultra Miniature Assemblies

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