Hand Formable Cable Assemblies at a great price: P1dB cables exclusively offered by RFMW

P1dB and RFMW offer conformable cable assemblies with SMA Male connectors, in 0.141 or .085 inch diameter, in stock at a very attractive price. Choose a length up to 12 inch and contact P1dB’s partner RFMW for an exclusive $9.95 price. The jacketed versions are P1-SMAP/SMAP-141CJ-xx or P1-SMAP/SMAP-085CJ-xx. For the same assemblies without jacket, choose P1-SMAP/SMAP-141CC-xx or P1-SMAP/SMAP-085CC-xx, where “-xx” refers to the length in inches.

Available from stock, get your test bench equipped with P1dB’s hand-formable assemblies featuring stainless steel SMA connectors. P1dB’s assemblies are well suited for replacing semi-rigid cable assemblies – they retain their shape, no need for 3D drawings or tooling to build rigid assemblies. 

P1dB and RFMW stock conformable cables in the most common lengths beyond 12 inch and also offer SMA right angle male connectors using the same .141 or .085 formable cable.
P1dB and RFMW have the RF cable assembly you need, whether it’s SMA conformable assemblies or flexible cables with SMP, SMPM, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, N, BNC, MMCX, SMB or U.FL connectors.

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