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About Us

P1dB, Inc., established in 2005, provides a wide range of RF/Microwave components for wired/wireless telecommunication systems, wireless infrastructure systems, test equipment subsystems, repeaters, and cable networks. Anything but another “me too” component supplier, P1dB specializes in supplying it’s customers the difficult to find, RF and Microwave components, in addition to cost conscious, industry standard components.

The company focuses on providing customers with cost effective solutions in three very challenging areas:

  • Custom products for forward looking/custom RF/Microwave applications
  • Drop in replacements for obsolete RF/Microwave products
  • Standard, but hard to find, RF/Microwave products

RF Power Transistors – as a supplier of RF power transistors has subcontracted the manufacture of BiPolar RF Power Transistors, MOSFETS, and LDMOS, formerly made by ST, Philips, Motorola, Acrian, CTC, Agere, Ericsson, and others

Small runs are manufactured in the U.S. and larger lots are manufactured in Asia by the same people who do/did the assembly for ST, Microsemi, and APT, among others.

Standard and custom products are available depending on quantity requirements.

We have existing die that was manufactured by ST and Acrian, and we also have contracted with another party to start doing die design and wafer fab as we run out of existing product. Specs are available, and samples, depending on the opportunity, are usually available within 2 weeks.

Although the P1dB engineers, technicians, and assemblers have been involved in design, manufacture, and test of RF Power devices for 25-30 years, since this is a newer venture, we are still building the library of specs and inventory for samples, as well as package inventory.

P1dB is also a developer and manufacturer of RF and Microwave amplifiers, diodes, transistors, coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and components, attenuators/terminations, couplers/splitters, test & measurement components and offers Hi-REL screening and parametric testing.