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Semi Rigid RF Coaxial Cable from P1dB

   P1dB offers has a wide selection of RF semi rigid cable, available with or without connectors.  

Bulk semi rigid cable is stocked in P1dB's San Jose, CA facility and ship in 1 meter lengths. Diameters range from 0.031 to 0.250 inch. Impedance options include standard 50 Ohm, as well as 10, 17, 25, 75 or 93 Ohms. P1dB's most popular semi rigid has a copper outer conductor material, but P1dB also has cable with aluminum or stainless steel outer jacket. The center conductor is typically silver plated copper weld and the dielectric material is PTFE. The outer conductor (jacket) can be supplied as bare copper, tin or silver plating.

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Copper jacket semi rigid cable 
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   P1dB also has a selection of straight semi rigid cable assemblies with SMA or other RF connector options. If your semi rigid design calls for cable assemblies as small as .020 inch diameter, P1dB can build it. Other diameters P1dB offers as assemblies include .034, .047, .085 or .141 inch semi rigid. Many popular length SMA to SMA assemblies are stocked in San Jose CA.

      If you have custom lengths or assemblies that require specific bends, P1dB can quote: Depending on the complexity, lead time for custom assemblies is 4 to 6 weeks typical..


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