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Use Tight-Flex™ Cables for Tight Bend Applications

Cables Operate up to 40 GHz, Depending on Connectors

Tight-Flex™ cables are high-performance, flex cable alternatives to .086 inch semi-rigid cables. They are designed for constant-flexure environments, where conformable or semi-rigid cables are more susceptible to failure.  Tight-Flex™ cables utilize custom-designed SMA, SMP, SMPM and 2.92mm connectors that do not use solder at the base of the connector, the main failure point for RF cables using solder-on connectors.

Tight-Flex™ RF cables feature P1dB’s ST085, triple shielded coax for high isolation of >110 dB; and, increased amplitude and phase stability. ST085 coax has a cutoff frequency of 63 GHz and with P1dB’s specialized connectors, Tight-FLex™ cables will operate to 18 GHz with SMA, SMP and SMPM connectors, and up to 40 GHz with 2.92mm connectors.

No Need for Right Angle Jumpers

Tight-Flex™ RF cables use specialized connectors that permit a minimum bend radius of 0.2 inches at the base of the connector, thus eliminating the need for right-angle connectors for most applications. Tight-Flex™ RF cables can even be flexed at the base of the connector since the braid is attached to a mechanically captured ferrule. Other flex cable assemblies using solder connectors will fail because of the brittle solder junction at the base of the connector.

Coax Features

P1dB   Tight-Flex™ cables utilize a triple shielded coax for improved performance and stability from DC to 63 GHz. The coax's blue jacket diameter is .104 inches, which covers 3 conductive shields. The shields are comprised of a silver-plated round copper braid, an aluminum tape and a silver plated copper tape, culminating in a shielding effectiveness of greater than 110 dB. The coax dielectric is solid PTFE with a velocity of propagation of 70%, and its center conductor is silver-plated copper weld.

Features and Benefits:
 Triple Shielded coax for high isolation and greater stability
• A minimum bend radius of 0.2 inches
• Eliminates the need for right angle connectors
• Flex cable alternatives to .086 semi-rigid and conformable cables

Coax Electrical Specifications
Parameter Value
Impedance 50 Ohms
Max Cutoff Frequency 63 GHz
Velocity of Propagation 70%
RF Isolation >110 dB
Number of Shields 3
Bend Radius .20 inches
Coax Diameter .104 inches (2.64mm)