Out with the Old and in with the New… Adapters

RF Adapters are NOT components that will last forever, especially in labs that constantly use coax adapters for product testing. Depending upon the types of adapters your lab purchases, they may be good for only a few uses or several hundred uses. Ensure accurate measurements! Take advantage of our New Year adapter sale to replace read more »

Are You Waiting For Your Shipment? We Have Stock.

In-Stock, 27 GHz SMA Field Replaceable Connectors We have stock of our 27 GHz Field Replaceable SMA connectors, in both 2-Hole and 4-Hole flange designs. Our in-stock Field-Replaceable SMA’s are available with or without EMI gaskets and in pin diameters of .012, .015 and .018 inches. Smaller flange designs are also available with a typical delivery read more »

Semi-Rigid Coax Selector Guide

P1dB semi-rigid coax is used to build semi-rigid assemblies for test equipment, aerospace, wireless, medical and low PIM applications.  The advantage of semi-rigid coax over flexible coax is its increased phase stability and lower insertion loss.  Semi-rigid coax also provides the best electrical isolation and lower noise levels when compared to flexible coax. Another advantage of semi-rigid coax is that it can read more »

Low Loss, Microporous RF Cable Assemblies operate to 27 GHz.

190MP Cable Features: • Operation to 27 GHz • Microporous dielectric for lower insertion loss • Triple shielded for high isolation • 2.92mm, SMA, N and TNC connectors P1dB’s adds a new line of 190MP low loss cable assemblies that operate to 27 GHz to complement its 40 GHz, 160MP cables.  The 190MP high performance cables read more »

Low Loss Cable Assemblies to 40 GHz

P1dB’s new line of 160MP cable assemblies operate up to 40 GHz when equiped with 2.92mm  connectors and 27 GHz with SMA connectors.  The 160MP high performance cables are cost effective assemblies that offer low loss performance and phase stability found in assemblies twice the price.   With prices starting at $76.50 for an SMA jumper and read more »

Commercial Grade RF Coax Adapters

P1dB’s commercial grade RF adapters solve the cost vs. performance trade-offs when choosing an adapter for a low-frequency application or a production requirements.  P1dB RF adapters have been designed to offer a cost-effective solution, yet still offering performance for commercial applications.  P1dB commercial RF adapters operate up to 6 GHz  and are available in in-series and between-series read more »

Three Reasons to Purchase Your Power Splitters from P1dB

When it comes to purchasing RF power splitters online, you’ll have plenty of options. There are many online stores that sell power splitters, but unfortunately, not all of these stores maintain high-quality standards and produce splitters with the kind of durability that you need. So how do you know which store to buy from? We’ll read more »

Why High Isolation Matters in Four Way Power Dividers

When you are shopping for four-way power dividers, you’ll want to make sure you purchase one with a high isolation. Isolation ensures that when you are splitting the signal from one input into multiple outputs, none of the outgoing signals and leaking through each other. For instance, in a 4-way power divider, you won’t want read more »

Check Out Our Selection of Two Way Power Dividers

P1dB offers a great selection of two-way power dividers. We have over 18 models in stock and ready to ship from our online store. More businesses are coming to rely on the P1dB store for their RF and microwave components due to their high-quality manufacturing and long-lasting durability. End users know that when they plug read more »

Our 18 GHz SMA 2-Way Power Divider Is Ready to Ship Now

Looking for a reliable 2-way power divider? Check out the P1PD-SAF-0118G30W-2. This is one of the many power dividers available in our online store and it is a great example of the durable, reliable, and high-quality power splitters we have available. Once you’ve purchased a power divider from P1dB, you’ll understand why more and more read more »