Ultra Miniature Cable Assemblies from P1dB

P1dB’s ultra-miniature cable assemblies are available with flexible cable or semi-rigid coax. Flexible cable diameter choices are 0.8 mm, 1.1 mm or 1.3 mm. Miniature semi-rigid coax assemblies diameters include .020 inch, .034 or .047 inch. Flex cables come with a choice of U.FL-style connectors, SMA or MMCX connectors. P1dB’ s U.FL (also called UFP) read more »

P1dB offers a variety of 40 GHz cable assemblies with 2.92mm connectors

  P1dB has flexible cable assemblies that operate to 40 GHz. Choose the P1CA-29M29M-160MP series for a low loss, phase stable assembly that is 0.160 inch diameter. Designed with 2.92mm male connectors, these assemblies have a maximum VSWR of 1.35 up to 40GHz.The 160MP series is manufactured with a microporous dielectric for lower insertion loss. read more »

P1dB’s Tight-Flex™ Cables allow bends at the connector

P1dB’s Tight-Flex super flexible cables are available with SMA, SMP, SMPM or 2.92mm connectors. P1dB’s triple shield 0.104-inch cable will operate to 40GHz with 2.92mm connectors. Bend this cable just 0.2 inches (5mm) distance from the connector and make it fit into the tightest spaces. Tight-Flex™  jumpers allow tight cable bends very close to the connector. These cables read more »

Hand Formable Cable Assemblies at a great price: P1dB cables exclusively offered by RFMW

P1dB and RFMW offer conformable cable assemblies with SMA Male connectors, in 0.141 or .085 inch diameter, in stock at a very attractive price. Choose a length up to 12 inch and contact P1dB’s partner RFMW for an exclusive $9.95 price. The jacketed versions are P1-SMAP/SMAP-141CJ-xx or P1-SMAP/SMAP-085CJ-xx. For the same assemblies without jacket, choose P1-SMAP/SMAP-141CC-xx or P1-SMAP/SMAP-085CC-xx, where “-xx” refers to read more »

SMP and SMPM Flexible RF Cable Assemblies

Does your RF system require high-performance SMP or SMPM (also called SSMP or Mini-SMP) RF cables? P1dB builds a line of RF cables using flexible SS085, high-performance coax, that has similar performance to 085 semi-rigid. The SS085 RF cables are available with SMA Male or Female, SMP (GPO™) or SMPM (GPPO™) straight or right angle read more »

SMA to U.FL Ultra Miniature Cable Assemblies

P1dB offers ultra-miniature cable assemblies with SMA to U.FL style connectors. Also referred to as UFP, MHF or UMC style connectors, these miniature right angle connectors are typically mated to a U.FL connector mounted on a printed circuit board. The SMA connector (usually female) is  mated to an extermal antenna.  With frequency performance to 6GHz, these read more »

BNC Cable Assemblies

The BNC connector has been available to RF Engineers since it’s invention in 1945. It’s a low frequency, quick connect/disconnect RF connector. Today, the BNC connector is still in demand for RF test and manufacturing. P1dB stocks popular cable lengths and connector options using 50 ohm RF flexible cables. P1dB offers flexible cable assemblies with BNC connectors read more »

Performance SS141 cable assemblies for the lab and RF production test areas

P1dB offers a line of SS141 general purpose test cables that offer high performance at a very affordable price. SS141 assemblies have a cable outer diameter of 0.160 inches and operate up to 27 GHz with our SMA connector options or up to 18 GHz with P1dB’s precision N connector. Featuring stainless steel connectors and ruggedized cable boots, these read more »

Testing RF Circuits with Pigtails and ultra miniature semi-rigid cable assemblies.

In Circuit RF Probing A good method for probing an RF circuit is to use small diameter semi-rigid cables, commonly referred to as Pigtails, to inject an input signal or sample an output signal. The typical configuration is with an SMA female connector on one end and a straight cut semi-rigid cable on the opposite end. P1dB can also produce trimmed read more »

SMPM and SMP assemblies with flexible or conformable .086 cable

The blind mate connector series SMP and mini-SMP (SMPM) are commonly used in high speed digital and military applications. For high-frequency performance up to 40 GHz or high density packaging, SMP and SMPM cable assemblies are in demand. Designed for push-on quick connect, the SMP or SMPM connectors accommodate radial and axial misalignment. Whether the end application is testing high read more »