Choosing an RF Flex Cable, Part 2

In Part 1 of our tutorial, we discussed some topics regarding the selection of the proper coax for an RF system. We covered the effects of coax diameter on performance and the various types of dielectrics used for a coax core. In this edition of Choosing an RF Flex Cable, we will continue the discussion on coax construction. Future read more »

Choosing a Flex Cable, Part 1

Choosing the best Flex Cable for an application can be challenging, given the variety of coax and connector options. Even if a Flex Cable’s connectors are predetermined there are still low-frequency and high-frequency versions of the same connector. For example, there are 6 GHz, 11 GHz, 18 GHz, 27 GHz and 33 GHz SMA connectors on the market. And read more »

Performance SS141 cable assemblies for the lab and RF production test areas

P1dB offers a line of SS141 general purpose test cables that offer high performance at a very affordable price. SS141 assemblies have a cable outer diameter of 0.160 inches and operate up to 27 GHz with our SMA connector options or up to 18 GHz with P1dB’s precision N connector. Featuring stainless steel connectors and read more »

Micro-Miniature Low Loss and Standard RF Cables

P1dB offers a UFP ultra-miniature coax jumper series that is fully compatible with Hirose’s U.FL™ and IPEX’s MHF™ series. Our UFP jumpers are available in a variety of coax cable options, which include 0.081mm, 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm, 047CC, and RG178. The UFP series can be configured with a variety of connector options, such as SMA, read more »

Reduce Noise with RD316 Cables

Small diameter coax cables, such as RG178 and RG316, provide a manageable solution when wiring a high-density rack system or when weight is a factor. A couple of issues though, with small diameter cables, are their poor isolation and insertion loss. RG316 cables are the better choice when lower insertion loss is important since their read more »

Reliable Test Cables at a Cost Effective Price

Test Cables are a vital part of an RF test lab, but high-end Test Cables can cost in excess of $1000. Why buy a high-end Test Cable for standard RF test or production systems when increased phase or temperature stability is not needed. P1dB offers a line of proven SS141 RF test focused flex cables read more »

160MP Series Cables When Waveguide Will Not Work

It is not always practical to use waveguide in millimeter-wave applications. P1dB’s 160MP series of high performance flex cables, configured with 2.92mm connectors, offer a flexible solution to 40 GHz. 160MP RF cables have low insertion loss and phase stable performance for applications that experience some flexure, such as in an antenna chamber. The 160MP read more »

SMA, SMP, and SMPM – SS085 Coax RF Cables

Does your RF system require high-performance SMA, SMP, or SMPM (also called SSMP or Mini-SMP) RF flex cables? P1dB builds a line of RF flex cables using SS085, high-performance coax, that has similar performance to 085 semi-rigid. The SS085 RF flex cables are configurable with SMA Male and Female, SMP (GPO™) Female and SMPM (GPPO™) Female connectors RF read more »

Pigtail Connectors

As part of the design process, it is necessary to test a component’s performance to compare it to an RF circuit simulation. The only way to perform in-circuit tests is by designing in test points or by using RF coaxial pigtails. The Pigtail method is accomplished by soldering a connector at one end of a read more »

Don’t be Shocked!

Don’t be Shocked! Protect Your Equipment   P1dB announces its new line of broadband lightning protectors that are in-stock and ready to protect equipment against damage caused by a lightning strike. We offer surge protectors in both DC passing and DC blocking models that operate from 300 MHz to 6 GHz, depending on the design. read more »