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All the Transistors You’ll Need for Your Next Project

Need a power transistor for your next project? You’ll be able to find what you need in P1dB’s online store. We carry a huge selection of RF power transistors in our selection of RF and microwave components. Our transistors are made with high-quality semiconductor materials to amplify your electrical signals. The connections make it easy read more »

Find 2-Way and 4-Way Power Dividers In Our Online Store

You need to make sure you get a high-quality power divider for your RF and microwave application. Using a low quality or inferior product can result in lower quality signals, signals with too much interference, or even unusable cables. The power dividers you’ll find in the P1dB online store are made from the highest quality read more »

We Carry PIN and Varactor Diodes In Our Online Store

What diodes are you look for to complete your next project? If you need PIN or varactor diodes, P1dB has everything that you need. Diodes are essential for the flow of the current for RF and microwave projects. The semiconductor device is something that you’ll depend on for the integrity of your signal and need read more »

Check Out Our Line of 10, 20 and 30 dB RF Couplers

P1dB has a great selection of RF couplers in our online store. You’ll find 10 dB, 16 dB, 20 dB, and 30 dB couplers in stock and ready to ship. Our couplers are great for sampling signals, signal generation, signal injection, as well as all of your other RF and microwave applications. P1dB puts a read more »

What RF Connector Do You Need for Your Project?

Get the RF connector that you need from P1dB! We carry a great selection of RF and microwave components so you can shop for the parts that you need with one great online source, including connectors such as: MCX connectors N connectors SMB connectors MMCX connectors SMA connectors These connectors will help you maintain the read more »

Check Out the Coaxial Termination Types Available from P1dB

Terminating your coaxial lines can help improve signal strength to the rest of your system. Unused connections can lead to a signal loss when they aren’t properly terminated. Fortunately, terminating a coaxial cable is an easy thing to do when you have the parts, and you can get everything you need from P1dB’s online store. We read more »

We Carry Both Between Series and In-Series Coaxial Adapters

What kind of RF coaxial adapter are you looking for? Whatever it is, P1dB’s online store is sure to have it. We’ve built a selection of between series and in-series adapters that will allow you to make the connections you need without sacrificing the quality of your signal. Check out our connection options  for both read more »

Learn About the Different Coaxial Attenuators Available from P1dB

P1dB is introducing a huge selection of RF attenuators to our online store of RF and microwave components! We’re establishing our online store as the premier place to find the coaxial attenuators that you need, and we’re pleased to bring such a great selection to our customers. You’ll find attenuators that help you reduce the read more »

Amplifier Gain Blocks and Modules Available from P1dB

P1dB is proud to bring a great selection of amplifier gain blocks and modules to our online store. Our gain blocks come with minimum frequencies of 0 to 0.1 Ghz, and a maximum frequency of 14 or 15 GHz. You’ll find various noise figures, supply voltages, and quiescent currents all in a ceramic micro X read more »