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Cable Assemblies

P1dB stocks a wide variety of RF cable assemblies operating from DC up to 50 GHz.

  • Hand Formable .085 or .141 inch diameter assemblies. With an FEP outer jacket or with tinned copper braid, P1dB's value series of conformable cables under $20. can be located in the section "Low cost hand formable cables".  These versatile cable assemblies are capable of performance up to 26.5 GHz when supplied with precision stainless steel SMA connectors. Most popular lengths and connector combinations are in stock in San Jose CA.  Additional formable cables with SMA, N, MMCX and MCX connectors are located in the section "Hand formable cable assemblies."
  • Pigtail Cables (Test Probes) are supplied in .020, .034, .047  and .085 inch semi-rigid. P1dB has a large stock of popular lengths (2 up to 10 inch) with an SMA jack(female) connector on one end and bare cable on the other end. Popular as a design tool, Pigtails can be soldered to circuit boards and used to test RF performance. Visit P1dB's section "Pigtail Cables" to see Test Probe cables. Standard Pigtails are supplied with a square cut cable end. If your application requires a trimmed cable end (exposing center contact and dielectric), contact P1dB for a custom quote.
  • Ultra Miniature Cable Assemblies with flex cable 0.8mm up to 1.3 mm diameter are a popular choice for consumer electronics. These assemblies use U.FL (also referred to as MHF, IPAX or UMC) connectors and a common design is a U.FL connector on one end mating to a circuit board and an SMA or MMCX connector for external connectionon the opposite end. Included in the "Ultra Miniature Cables" section are P1dB's very small diameter semi-rigid assemblies, including .020, .034 and .047 inch cables. Common lengths with SMA connectors on either end are in stock.
  • SMP and SMPM cables are stocked in .085 flex (SS085 or ST085 cable) or .085 hand formable. Choose from SMP (GPO)  and SMPM (GPPO) straight or right angle connectors. Visit P1db"s "SMP & SMPM Cables" section.
  • Phase Matched cables are available from P1dB, ranging from matched pairs of 2 cables up to sets with as many as 100 cables. P1dB can provide cables that are tested to 5 ps or as low as 2 ps (pico second) phase matching. Most popular is P1dB's SS141 flex cable with SMA male connectors. For applications higher than 18 GHz, P1dB can match flex cable with 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm or 1.85mm connectors to operate up to 67 GHz. Contact P1dB to quote your requirement. Delivery for most phase matched cables is in the 4 to 6 week range.
  • RG-style flex cables, including the most popular RG316 cable, are stocked in a variety of lengths with SMA, MCX, MMCX or N connectors. For extra RF shielding, choose from P1dB's RD316 series (double shield RG316 cable). Visit the "Flexible Cables" section.
  • Tight-Flex cable assemblies are a very flexible alternative to right angle connectors. Featuring a bend radius of 0.2 inch, TIght Flex assemblies "bend at the connector" and can eliminate the need for right angle connectors. The ST085 cable is a high performance 085 flex and is available with SMA, SMP, SMPM or 2.92mm connectors.

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