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Cable Assemblies

P1dB coaxial cable assemblies are available with a variety of coax types for specific RF and Microwave applications up to 40 GHz (up to 50 GHz, upon request). The cable-assembly groups are as follows,

  • RG Cables (RGxxx) are a cost effective solution for production and general purpose lab applications. RG cable assemblies are typically assembled using crimp connectors and operate up to 6 GHz.
  • Semi-rigid and conformable cables (RG40x, xxxSR, xxxCC, xxxCJ) are a good solution for box-builds where a cable must be routed inside a box. Conformable cables can be manually shaped and re-shaped, while semi-rigid cables should be bent using tooling and may not be bent more than once.
  • Low Loss cables (LLxxx) are versions of RG type cables with a higher VP (velocity of propagation) to reduce insertion loss. LL cables are popular in communication networks, but can also be used in production and test environments.
  • Test cables (SSxxx, HTxxx) are low loss or phase stable cable assemblies that utilize robust connectors and booting to extend the life of the assemblies. Test grade cable designs are available up to 50 GHz.
Our cable assemblies are available in thousands of connector and cable combinations. Build a cable assembly using our new Cable Configurator.

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